Why am I being asked if I want to re-test temperature?

What is re-testing temperature?

If a recorded temperature falls either above or below the accepted temperature reading set by the organization, the self assessor or the screener is given the option to re-check the temperature a second time.

The CrowdBlink Protect app allows temperature re-testing in the event that the screener or the assessed person has doubts about the validity of a temperature reading, or if an incorrect number was submitted by accident.

When to re-test temperature?

The option to re-test temperatures should only be used when the screener's or self-assessor's best judgement calls for it.

The Crowd Blink Protect screening tool is at your disposal to help you achieve your organization's safety goals without causing undue operational disruptions to your employees or anyone visiting the location. As such, it is up to each organization to adapt their own internal policies about how Protect can be best used to achieve their safety goals.