Who conducts the actual assessments?

How to use the Protect app within your organization.

CrowdBlink Protect gives you the easiest way to conduct and track risk and symptom assessments throughout your organization — but who actually does the assessments?

Two different assessment modes

Protect gives you two ways to do assessments: centralized screening and self-assessments.

Centralized Screening

In this scenario, someone from your organization physically stands at the point of entry to your location, and assesses everyone before granting them entry. The assessment will typically include going through a symptom questionnaire, as well as recording a temperature check.

Note: the Protect app itself does not take an individual's temperature. Instead, the temperature must be measured using a separate device, and the result recorded in the app.


With self-assessments, every individual entering your location is responsible for reporting their own symptoms through the app. They can do this in advance, from their own home, before physically arriving at your location.

If an individual fails a self-assessment, the Protect app will issue a failing result. If they pass, it will result in a "Screening Success" status. When the individual arrives at your location, they will have to be "screened in" by someone doing centralized assessments. This can mean simply having their QR code or employee badge scanned to confirm a passing result, OR it can involve additional steps like asking further assessment questions or recording their temperature.