How do you switch between cameras when screening?

Here is how you can toggle between the front and back cameras on your phone or tablet when screening with CrowdBlink.

If you are using CrowdBlink to conduct centralized screenings, you may want to control which camera is used on your screening device.

There are a few scenarios where you would want to do this.

Back camera scenario: you have somebody working at your location entrances and actively screening people as they arrive. They are holding the tablet/phone, so it is easier to use the back camera.

Front camera scenario: you have tablets stationed at your location entrances, and employees or visitors have to scan themselves in. Once somebody approaches the tablet, they will need to scan their code or badge while facing the front, so the front camera is easier to use.

How to toggle which camera is being used?

You can toggle between the two camera modes through the camera button next to the ID info field.

You can find it  on the right side of the screen (circled in red in the examples below). Simply tap the button, and the camera mode will change.

You only need to do this once — after someone gets scanned in, it will default to the same mode you had in place previously for the next person.

Front Camera Toggled to "Scan" (Back Camera):


Clicking the camera button changes the camera mode

Camera Toggled to "Scan Selfie" (Front Camera):