Scenario 3: Scanner Device Set Up As A "Self-Serve" Screening

Self-assessors can complete the assessment on their own phones before leaving their home, and then can scan their QR code at the door by themselves, using a tablet and its front-facing camera.

Below is an example of how to configure the system for this type of assessment.

App Behaviour:

  • Reports will show all assessments (Both self-assessments that were only done at home, as well as those that were collected/scanned by the screener tablets).
  • Scan Identification on the tablet will allow for manual name input in case anyone does not have a phone, or is an external visitor.
  • Assessor doesn’t need to have a CrowdBlink Protect account.
  • Temperature check will be disabled.
  • Symptom Questionnaire will be available in both self-assessment and assessments collected by screeners.

What your settings should look like:

Edit Location Settings:

CB Scenario 3 - Location Settings

Edit Questionnaire Settings:

Scan Identification

CB Scenario 3 - Scan ID

Temperature Check

CB Scenario 3 - Temp Check

Symptom Questionnaire

CB Scenario 3 - Questionnaire


For more information about what each setting means and/or how to set up your system, please visit our Glossary of Settings or our guide to Setting up for the first time.

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