Scenario 2: Self-assessors Only, No Screener At The Door

Your self-assessors download the app and complete their daily questionnaire. Their answers are logged in the administrative dashboard and the reports right away. Nobody scans them when they arrive at your location.

Below is an example of how to configure the system for this type of assessment.

App Behaviour:

  • Reports will show all Self-assessments immediately as they are completed, both Passed and Failed
  • Temperature check and Symptom Questionnaire will both be available in self-assessments

What your settings should look like:

Edit Location Settings:

CB Scenario 2 - Location Settings

Edit Questionnaire Settings:

Scan Identification

CB Scenario 2 - Scan ID

Temperature Check

CB Scenario 2 - Temp Check

Symptom Questionnaire

CB Scenario 2 - Questionnaire

For more information about what each setting means and/or how to set up your system, please visit our Glossary of Settings or our guide to Setting up for the first time.

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