What if my employee or visitor doesn’t have a phone?

Here's how you can screen people in when they do not have a phone.

If your employee or visitor is without a phone and cannot make use of the Self Assessment feature, the best course of action is to conduct active screening.

How to conduct "active screening" when someone doesn't have a phone:

First, to do active screening, a company or business representative should be logged in to the Protect app, and input their location's screener code.

The representative can then process an on-site screening of the employee or visitor by either:

  1. Manually inputting their name or employee number in the scan ID field; OR
  2. Making use of the alternate ID fields when enabled. (How to enable and use alternate IDs?).

Once the individuals' information has been entered, the screener can proceed to the following screen in the app and verbally affirm with the employee or visitor the relevant assessment questions.

When the screener submits the assessment, they will be presented with a ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ notification depending on the answers provided, and then employee or visitor will be free to enter or turned away accordingly.