How long does an assessment stay valid?

Every assessment result — pass or fail — is valid based on the location's result retention policy.

Whenever you create a Location in CrowdBlink Protect, we ask that you set up a "Result Retention Policy." What is this, and how does it work?


Simply put, these numbers control for how long any individual assessment result stays valid.

If you keep the default set at 23 hours, whenever someone passes an assessment, they will be able to use that passing result to screen into your location for 23 hours. It works in the same way for failing results, only in the opposite direction: that's how many hours individuals will be denied entry.

How long should I set the results to remain valid?

Every policy will depend on your specific organization. That said, for organizations that use self-assessments and want employees to screen themselves every single day, a good policy would be around 18 hours. This way, individuals can screen themselves the night before, come into work in the morning, and then have to self-assess again later that evening.

For retaining failing results, some organizations choose to extend the policy to multiple days — 72 hours or more. This lets individuals self-isolate and monitor their symptoms before returning to your location.