Stop a failed question from failing whole assessment.

You can now FAIL some questions while still letting visitors screen into your location.

In some assessments and questions, you may want to allow visitors to fail a question without failing the entire assessment. CrowdBlink Protect now lets you customize this for individual questions!


To set this up:

  1. Log in to the Protect admin console.
  2. Go to Questionnaires, and select the location you wish to edit.
  3. Edit the "Symptom Questionnaire" step by clicking the right-hand dropdown.
  4. Choose which assessment question you would like to edit.
  5. Click Advanced Settings just below the question field.
  6. Change the result to "Do Not Fail Questionnaire."
  7. Close the prompt, and remember to Save the entire questionnaire once you're done editing!


Setting this up lets your visitor fail a specific question — for example answer "Yes" to whether they have a cough — without failing the entire assessment.

Any FAIL answers will still send automatic notifications to anyone receiving them, but your visitor will now be able to screen into your location despite a failed question. We recommend to use this feature sparingly!