CrowdBlink Protect app password update, August 24, 2020

What users need to know about the Protect app update.

CrowdBlink Protect is releasing an important update that will require all mobile app users to sign in to the app, create an account, and set up a password. This update gives users much more control over their information by having them create accounts, allows a single user to use the same account across different devices, and stops the need for information re-entry upon logging in and out. 

Everything within the app will work as before, but after the update users will have to go through account and password set up before they can go back to using Protect.

Here's what you need to know:

What app users need to know (for self-assessments and screenings)

When you open the Protect app after the update, you will be taken to the log in screen and prompted to set up an account. Simply follow the steps:

  1. Select Sign Up:

    Protect App Update Sign In Screen
  2. Enter your email address and choose a password:

    Protect App Sign Up Info Screen
  3. You will receive a confirmation link to your email, please make sure to check your inbox.

    Protect App Update - Confirm Your Email
  4. Once you have set up an account, sign in using your credentials.
  5. Next, you will have to enter the unique code given to you by your employer or organization, which will enable you to do self-assessments or start screening:

    Protect App Update Sign Up Code

  6. You will be asked to confirm your details. Enter your name, or scan your employee badge if instructed by your organization:

    Protect App Confirm Info
  7. That's it — you will be ready to start assessments!
  8. If you have been using the app to do self-assessments both for yourself and dependents, you will need to set them up again. You can find more information here.

What administrators need to know

Administrators should make sure that all self-assessors know their location codes, as they will need to use these during the update. If you need help finding out what your location codes are, you can do so here: Location Codes.

Your screeners will also have to enter their Screener Codes once they've set up their accounts — make sure they have the codes on hand.

If you have questions or need assistance, you can reach out to Protect's customer support through the admin console: Contact Support.