How do I get the Protect App?

Protect works both with Android and iOS, and can be downloaded like any other app.

If your organization has started to use CrowdBlink Protect for employee or visitor screenings, you will first need to download the app to your phone. Below, you will find information about where to download the Protect app. If you need help signing up, follow this guide instead:

How do I sign up for the CrowdBlink Protect app to do self-assessments as an employee or visitor?

For Android users:

To install CrowdBlink Protect, you will need Android version 4.4 and up. You can find it on Google Play by searching "CrowdBlink Protect," or download it through here:


For iOS users:

To install CrowdBlink Protect, you will need iOS 9.0 or later. You can find it on the App Store by searching "CrowdBlink Protect," or download it through here:



Will it work on a Tablet or iPad?

If your Tablet or iPad is running a compatible version of Android or iOS, CrowdBlink Protect will run as expected.

Can I use CrowdBlink Protect with my browser?

No, we do not currently support self-assessments or screenings done through a web-based interface. For those managing their organization safety with Protect, however, the admin console is accessed through the web.

How do I actually start using the app once its on my phone?

If you are conducting self-assessments, your organization will provide you with a location code. Enter this into the app's Authorization screen, and you will be taken through a self-assessment.

If you are working as a screener, your organization will issue you with a screener code. Entering this into the Protect app will authorize you to use your device for screening the individuals coming into your location.