How do I customize assessment steps and questions?

Assessment steps can be completely customized from the Questionnaires menu.

When you first start using CrowdBlink Protect, the assessments come pre-populated with symptom questions and steps that are recommended by health authorities Covid-19 screening.

However, all of the assessment steps and questions can be customized. Here's how:

  1. Log in to the Protect admin console.
  2. Open the Questionnaires menu, and select the location for which you want to edit the assessment:


  3. This will let you edit the assessment. Right away, you are able to:
    1. Change the assessment title.
    2. Change the order of the assessment steps by dragging the boxes.
    3. Add new steps from the options at the bottom.


How do I edit the symptom questionnaire?

To edit the symptom questionnaire, expand it and you will see a number of additional options:


1) Title: Here you can change the title of your questionnaire.

2) Description: Here you can customize the description of your questionnaire, and give readers specific instructions to better reflect your organization and screening process.

3) Enabled/Disabled: Here you can enable or disable the questionnaire altogether.

4) Required/Optional: Here you can make the questionnaire a mandatory step, or make it optional.

5) Pass-to-all: When enabled, this option adds a button that lets you "PASS" all the questionnaire questions in a single click, as opposed to having to answer each one individually.

Example Covid-19 questionnaire with pass-to-all button enabled. Clicking the green "Pass to all" button would auto-fill "No" in every question:


6) Self-assessment/Screener Only: This setting controls whether the questionnaire will be available in self-assessments for individuals to fill out on their own, or if it will only be presented during a centralized screening — when the visitor actually enters your location and gets screened by a staff member.

7) Add Question: This lets you add more questions to the questionnaire.

How do I edit the questions?

You can edit any question by expanding its field using the dropdown arrow on the right-hand side, where you'll be able to make additional changes:


a) Question Title: Here, you can change what the actual question asks, or how the question is worded.

Example: instead of saying "Fever", you can change your question to be more direct: "Do you currently have a fever?"

b) "Pass" Answer: This lets you change whether answering "Yes" or "No" to the question triggers a failed assessment. In other words, if the individual doing the assessment gives the opposite answer to what you choose here, that will result in a failed assessment.


That covers the basics of editing your steps and questionnaires. When you're done editing, remember to click Save at the bottom of the page — otherwise the changes won't be reflected in the location.