Add custom fields to manual ID entry.

You can now collect more information when manually entering a name.

In most cases, your visitors will screen in using their self-assessment QR codes or with barcodes on their employee badges. But sometimes neither is available, in which case you can turn on the option to "Allow manual entering of Personnel Info." This acts as an alternative to scanning a badge or QR code (i.e.: you cannot both scan a QR code and use this field to capture information).

With Protect's latest update, you can now add additional custom fields if you are using manually-entered visitor information during centralized screenings, in addition to the standard fields "Name" and "Company":

Custom Personnel Info

To do this:

  1. Log in to the Protect admin console.
  2. Go to Questionnaires, and select the location you wish to edit.
  3. Expand the Scan Identification step by using the right-hand dropdown.
  4. Make sure you have the setting "Allow manual entering of Personnel Info" turned on:

  5. Click "add custom info field," and add as many custom fields as you need.
    1. Important! Additional fields will NOT be optional during screening. Screeners will need to fill out every single one before they can proceed to the assessment, so be aware of how many you add. 
  6. Remember to Save your edits!
  7. Your screeners will have to log out and back into the app for the new settings to show up.
  8. Now you can collect additional information during manual name entry: